PG&E Advertising and Marketing

Various campaigns and collateral produced over the course of a year for PG&E.

Websites, Brochures, Ads, Emails and Banners

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Campaign promoting PG&E’s ClimateSmart program

Ads to large businesses promoted rebates and energy-efficient upgrades. The conversation centered around how to find not-so-obvious savings in your business.

This newspaper consumer campaign turned PG&E into a “friendly energy” and savings advisor. The goal was to create engaging consumer campaigns promoting rebates and energy-efficiency solutions.

The PG&E website used the same “talk bubbles” to carry on the conversation about energy efficiency and cost savings.


The "Energy Idea Book for Your Business", were three booksgeared toward the office, food and retail categories. Delivered in a unique envelope, these useful books encouraged small businesses to boost their ROI by taking advantage of rebates on equipment upgrades and energy-efficient purchases.