CHALLENGE: Make shopping for HP computers and printers a consistent, harmonious experience. HP computers and printers live in the same retail environment. So it only makes sense to make sure our merchandising materials work together. An integrated retail environment not only helps maintain a consistent HP brand both in-store and worldwide. Done well, it can also increase sales of both HP computers and printers.

What success looks like: Clear brand presence, consistent experience for consumer in every aisle, clear navigation through sales process, cross promotion of products, simplicity of design, WOW factor, strong conceptual base

Customers respond to where products are placed. A zone merchandising strategy combines visual merchandising with your store layout design to highlight high-margin merchandise or merchandise you want featured.

Zone 1: Outside the store (ATTRACT ATTENTION)
Zone 2: Inside the store (NAVIGATE TO PRODUCT)
Zone 3: Product display (ENGAGE WITH PRODUCT)