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How Do You Select Your Perfect Photographer?

Congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision to hire a photographer and stage your very own photo shoot.

Maybe you need a really great headshot to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps your business “brand” is taking on new energy, and you need images for a dynamic website to build awareness. Or a way to “see your new self” after a life-changing event.  

A photo shoot is an investment of time and money so it’s worth doing the research to find the photographer that is going to get YOU — your look, your style, and the inner magic you want others to see.

For your shoot, are you thinking about a blend of business, casual, and glam? Or perhaps you envision a start-up CEO, sports Mom, and travel blogger session? Making the decision to make this happens should feel exciting! 

Now, how do you go about finding the perfect photographer?

You may pay between $500 – $5,000 or more for a day of photography that includes hair and makeup, wardrobe changes, and the right setting. Maybe that’s within your budget. Maybe it’s not. But there are ways to find the right person for your budget and goals.

Finding Your Personal Photographer

  • Ask for referrals. You’ve got friends and colleagues who’ve done this before. Ask them who they’ve worked with and what they’ve loved (or didn’t love) about their experience.

  • Look for standouts on Instagram

  • Check out LinkedIn Pro. They attract talented professionals in every industry.

  • Tap your social media groups to glean information and referrals for the photographer everyone loved.

  • Google a search for pros in your area.

For a gift to herself on her 40th birthday, Mehrnaz wanted a look for business, one a bit more “sassy” and also got her “glam” on!

A lot is determined by how many “looks” you hope to achieve, the number of costume changes and more. Use Pinterest to identify the looks you want to achieve. Have your outfit plan ready to share. 

Pricing Considerations

How many photos would you like? How are you allowed to use the photos? Are there any restrictions? How much retouching do you want the photographer to plan on doing? How long will it take to receive the final images?

Decisions to Make

  • Do you want the photographer to consult with you on outfits or will you be in charge of bringing your best wardrobe looks? 

  • Will the photographer recommend a hair and make-up artist ? Or do you have a favorite in mind? 

  • Will the shoot be in studio, or a combination of studio, outdoor or other?

  • How do you want to use the final photos?  Do you want prints to hang, all digital files, or both?

Get ready for your personal shoot by making these decisions well in advance. Your photoshoot can become everything you want, go more smoothly and you’ll be relaxed and ready to shine!

Contributed from Susan Propst, Think Work Today