We are super happy with the work Tracey|Ryan and SF Digital did to revamp our corporate website. They were great to work with and were able to convey all of the services and technologies we offer in a clean and presentable way.
— Scott Barrett, President & Co-founder, SCM Accelerators

SCM Accelerator's global clients require that their supply chain networks take full advantage of the most efficient, productive tools to meet today’s high-volume demands. Their current website was more than three years old and didn’t reflect the new dynamic digital technologies and processes the company had recently developed.

SCM Accelerators chose Tracey|Ryan and San Francisco Digital as their design and development partners to refresh the website.

Our first step was to fully understand the company’s offerings and their competitive advantage. We studied the key players in the industry and took a critical look at how to strengthen the message, the functionality, and the effectiveness of their site.

Next, we presented them with fresh new concepts that would set them apart from the  competition. Once they chose a direction, the tactical work began:

  • We created a new user-friendly user interface and site map.

  • Streamlined their logo for a more modern look and feel.

  • Worked with SCMA to capture the right combination of techno-speak and layman language for the “C-level to Senior Engineer” audience we wanted to reach.

  • Created fresh “ownable” images (in contrast to conventional stock shots used by their competitors.)

  • Included a video, clear technical illustrations, case studies, customer quotes, and an easy-to-use contact form.

  • Developed the site in Joomla, a platform with a robust CMS (contact management system) that allows the client to easily add and modify content.

Using this streamlined process, SCM Accelerators were able to quickly communicate their refined direction and appeal to their core audience.