Thanks for all your help; my family thinks it looks great and so do I!  (Even my most opinionated child got to the “About” page and said, “I have the coolest mom ever!”). I really appreciate your helping me make this happen!
— Chase Reynolds Ewald

CHASE REYNOLDS EWALD has been writing about art, design, food, travel, rustic style and the American West for more than 25 years. She is an active magazine freelancer, sometime speaker and design judge, and the author of nine books and two Western Design Conference Sourcebooks. She knew having a web presence was important, and in particular, she was interested in having a blog that she can post to from everywhere she travels.

Over a series of three 2-1/2-hour meetings, we designed the structure of her site, uploaded photos, copy and created a blog with a sign-up form. We also set up a feed of her Instagram on the home page.

We then helped Chase create a free Mailchimp account with an RSS feed. Squarespace will send names from her signup form on her home page over to her Mailchimp list. The RSS feature will automatically push Chase’s blog post to her list every time she has a new story.

We offer a “get to know Squarespace” starter plan. We'll review your current branding and where you want to go. We’ll talk about identity, images, connecting your social accounts, SEO, keywords and more. Our clients find this is the most affordable way to get their site up and running, and they learn how to edit it themselves.

Check out some of Chase’s gorgeous books and articles at Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for her blog!